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Sean Hayden

Executive Director

Sean Hayden is the Executive Director for the Institute for Career Development.

His "HayNow" blog provides members with the latest news from ICD, updates on events and gatherings, and helps keep us all connected with relevant information for all things ICD.

Click on the latest "HayNow" below.


It’s a question we get a lot: What does it cost to take an ICD Class?

The best answer yet that we’ve heard comes from USW Local 831 member Boris Pointer from Danville, VA.

Click the link to the newest ICD Video to see what the Career Development means to him.

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Welcome to Learning Opportunities Week!

There’s a lot going on this week, as we have a couple of webinars planned for you, in addition to all the programming at your sites.


There’s already been questions and emails: So do we call her Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer?

Just call her family. Welcome to the ICD Team, Jenny Stob.

A lifelong native of Northwest Indiana, Stob is ICD’s newest Program Specialist. We’re very fortunate to have her join our team.

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He would use terms like "Trooper" or "Jubilation" when addressing you, in both a playful and affectionate manner.

He would laugh so hard he would bring himself and you, to tears. He LOVED telling a good story. "Can you believe that?" he'd say.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with family and friends.

We’re back at it this week continuing to plan for the upcoming Learning Summits, so I wanted to provide you with some updates.


That Paul Simon sure is a prescient fellow.

After more than 15 years at ICD, covering two separate stints, we have to bid the fondest of farewells to Cecelia Wagner.

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Ready. Register. Reserve.

You can now register for the 2019 Learning Summits and reserve your hotel room.

Just visit our EVENTS page and select the Summit that is right for you.

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Hey, we’ve got some exciting news to share.

The 2019 Training calendar is starting to take shape! We have scheduled our two Learning Summits this year.

Save the date for 2019 Summits.jpg

Last week, in conjunction with our national partner Penn Foster, ICD hosted a webinar touting the benefits and advantages that Penn Foster can offer to participants through their online learning opportunities.

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For me, this time of year is usually about both reflection AND looking ahead. Is that the way it is for you, too?


In the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity, along with some of our staff, to visit some of our local programs. It seems 2018 has been a year of significant change – not only in our office but at many local programs across the country as well.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.30.45 PM.png

Excuse me if there’s been a lapse in sending out a blog, but we’ve had a lot going on lately!

Between site visits, conference presentations, event planning and – ummm, vacations – the days have been flying off the calendar the past 6 weeks or so.


In case you haven't noticed, a few things have changed around here.

And if you haven't, we'll start at the top.


As part of Learning Opportunities Week programming, ICD has worked with our National Educational Partners to offer two webinars during the week.  Everyone is invited to attend these webinars. 


If you're the type of person who likes to plan ahead, today is your day.

We are happy that we are able to share with you the full agenda for the 2018 ICD National Conference a little more than two weeks away from meeting in Philadelphia.


When I was hired as Executive Director at ICD in 2013, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. And now it is time to pass that opportunity on to someone else.


Every day brings us one day closer to the ICD National Conference in Philadelphia, which means every week now we should have some new information to share with you.


The countdown is officially on for Philadelphia.

Last week, Sean and Stephanie from our staff traveled out to Philly to walk through the hotel, set up many of the logistical details and get a better sense of what our experience will be when we arrive in six weeks.