A yearly budget is the responsibility of the Local Joint Committee.

The ICD annual plan is due in our office each year on October 1.  Click here for forms and guidelines.


Guidelines for working with our educational providers.

Choose this section for forms and guidelines to help sites negotiate with and manage the educational provers that teach Career Development classes.


Comparative data regarding ICD programs.

One job of ICD is to leverage awareness of all of the sites and report regularly to its Governing and Advisory Boards.  


Information about ICD's record keeping system for sites.

Click the link below to reach ICD's database for sites.  Also find in this section guidelines for using the database as well as tips and tricks.

Educational Development

Forms for preparing students.

One of the goals of the Career Development Program is helping individuals reach their educational goals.  Educational development plans and exceptions to policy are sometimes necessary for that.


Information about marketing programs to participants.

Check here for tips and tricks and examples for getting the word out about ICD programs.  See also Course Catalogues under "Resources" Tab and Career Development Programs under "About Us".