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“When they mentioned TA (tuition assistance) and all the things you could achieve with the benefit, the light bulb went off. I’m so happy this benefit is there for the union members.

“It’s really a win-win situation for a Steelworker and Union member.”

Joe Lipscomb, USW Local 1010

“I think the ICD Learning Center is the perfect place for an associate to continue their education with no cost to themselves. I always believe a happy employee is a more productive employee: the more you know, the further you grow, and the further you’ll go.”

LaMaurice Crawford, Financial Analyst-Payroll, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

“We actually did something with the ICD benefit that I believe is what it’s all about – a career development course to better our lives and careers.

“The bottom line is the ICD benefit made this possible, and that’s why we negotiated the benefit and that’s what it’s for. It’s such a great program for the Steelworkers.”

Todd Beck, USW Local 307

Todd Beck, USW Local 307

“I knew the ICD benefit was negotiated so I took advantage of it. This was a huge help with no student loans. You never know in the mining industry what’s going to happen. You need to have a backup plan.

"This wasn’t just for me, but also for my parents because I wanted to be the first person in my family to get my bachelor’s degree. Now it’s unreal knowing I also have my master’s degree, too.”

Emily Bombich, USW Local 6115

Emily Bombich, USW Local 6115

“I can’t tell you enough about what a wonderful program ICD is. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for the knowledge I acquired through the benefit.

“I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact they can make money outside of their jobs and be productive. This was supposed to be a hobby and something fun for me to do, but I’ve made this work for me and my family.”


Rashon Davis, USW Local 5133, owner of "From the Heart Woodworking"

“It’s a great program. I’m glad it’s there for you, especially when you need it.

“Times are tough for a lot of people right now and this (program) gives you some hope.”

Nick Zimmerman, USW Local 1010

Nick Zimmerman, USW Local 1010

“I just love the ICD program. I utilized the program from the get-go. From cooking to finance classes, I even learned bike maintenance and sign language. I even completed seven Spanish tutoring sessions with Rosetta Stone using my ICD benefit.”

Roxanne Romero, USW Local 9231

“I couldn’t have done it without funds from the ICD program. The funds allowed me to finish college and earn my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.”

Kewan McCully, USW Local 1014

Kewan McCully, USW Local 1014

“I’m new to ICD, but I’ll tell you when you look at the cost of education and the benefit, it’s so valuable. I wish I took advantage of it 10 years ago. Now I see what you can get out of it.”

Mike McLure, USW Local 1186

“Honestly, ICD means success to me. I went through the Ramsey program for MTE and became an electrician, which was my long-term plan. I also took HVAC classes and used that knowledge to bid for another job at our plant. The opportunities are endless with the ICD benefit.”

Angie Lee, USW Local 979

“ICD has been a life changer for me, and I mean that wholeheartedly. I initially started out with a beginner’s wood-working class with aspirations of fulfilling my wife’s Pinterest addiction. But it grew from there. I saw how much things were costing. Items my wife and I would normally buy, I decided to make. It got to the point where it wasn’t just about saving money, but the satisfaction to saying, ‘I made that!’ With each wood-working class I took through ICD the more confident I got.”

Michael Pugh, USW Local 979

Mike Pugh, USW Local 979 member, who started his own tree cutting business by utilizing his ICD benefit.

“With advancements in technology, not only for use in everyday life but also in manufacturing it is vitally important to stay ahead of the game.  ICD has given our employees the tools and funding to continually enhance their skill set at their own pace and at times that work with in their schedule.  Furthermore, ICD has also been a great opportunity for the company and union to work collaboratively in creating courses that meet the needs of our students and our company.”

Meghan K. Ambrose, Human Resources, ATI Flat Rolled Products

“It’s been a huge benefit. It has given a ton of our Gadsden (Ala.) members a chance to go to school, get degrees and go on to do other things. The skills you learn can’t be taken away from us, like the closing of the plant. That’s why ICD was started to help the members in times of need. It’s given our members something to turn to in desperate times.”


Brian Smith, USW Local 12L

“People come here to have a backup plan. The original reason for Career Development was if something happens to their job in the mill, they can find another job.”

Dennis Matney, ICD instructor, and retired Steelworker