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Don't fear, Birmingham is near!

The kids these days call it “FOMO.”

It describes that feeling you have of not being somewhere when something cool is going on, and you regret not being a part of it.


For those of you who may have missed last month’s ICD Learning Summit in Niagara Falls, fear not!

Because while you most certainly did miss out on a cool training opportunity, that regret does not have to last long.

We will be running the Learning Summit back September 27-28 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Click HERE to register now for Birmingham!

By clicking on the link and registering, here is what you WON’T BE MISSING OUT ON:

● A presentation/discussion on the future of training, emphasizing training opportunities that can help your participants be better prepared to fill positions that are not only in-demand now but in the future as well.

● A demonstration using Virtual Reality technology to boost your current training methods.

● Crucial networking opportunities (as always!)

● Further discussion on how you can supplement educational opportunities using various online tools, and how the ICD National Office has developed resources to make those opportunities even more readily available to you.

● A deep-dive discussion – utilizing the ICD Database – to see how your program costs and expenditures compares to the national numbers, and how better to work with your vendors.

● A field trip to a local Career Development Program learning center.

This Birmingham event will be the only other ICD Learning Summit this year. Please don’t miss out.

Click HERE to register now!

If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally, or to your Program Specialist.

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