ICD National Conference postponed to 2021

So maybe the third time’s the charm?

Let’s hope so anyway.

After initially postponing the 2020 ICD National Conference from April of this year to November, we are unfortunately in the position of having to announce another postponement.

The originally-planned 2020 National Conference will now be the 2021 National Conference.

Out of an abundance of caution – and not wanting to get burnt again – it will be late in 2021. The conference will convene the week of December 6, with pre-conference meetings on December 8 and conference activities the next two days.

We are sorry for the news; we mistakenly thought in March when we announced the first postponement that maybe, just maybe, we as a nation could get our act together in time to meet this year.

Sadly, we were mistaken.

There were never any hotel reservations set up, so no need to cancel anything.

We will circle back in the early part of 2021 with an update.

I’m sorry it had to come to this. Be well everyone.

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An action-packed week!

Welcome to Learning Opportunities Week, Social Distancing Edition.

Trying times indeed, but the show will go on. We've got a lot of great content planned for you this week, including:

  • A big giveaway to start the week
  •  (click the link for more information)
  • free video courses from ICD instructors across the country to share with your members will be released throughout the week on our social media platforms.

Rosetta Stone is offering all participants a FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL OF ITS LANGUAGE LEARNING PROGRAM. That's right, a free three-month trial. No credit card, no cancellation reminder, no sales pitches; just three free months. So if you have any members who have been on the fence about using their ICD benefit for Rosetta Stone in order to parlez-vous français, here's a chance for them -- and you -- to try it without using any of their funds. Participants can use the link to sign up; they do not need to go through their ICD Coordinator. This is not the upgraded Catalyst program that the program pays for. Coordinators, this offer applies to you as well!

. Users have to activate the offer by June 29.

And to learn more about the upgraded Catalyst Program,

We will be especially active on social media this week so please be sure to follow us on , and for all the LOW updates.

Stay safe and have a great week!

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LOW, But a Little Different

For those who are still able to keep track of what day it is (raise your hand if you knew this was Memorial Day weekend?), you might know that one of ICD's biggest weeks of the year is quickly approaching.

Learning Opportunities Week is scheduled for June 8-12. As a staff, we discussed possibly postponing, but concluded that with so much uncertainty there was no good time to which to relocate it. So we are keeping it right where it is.

That said, we expect a scaled-down version of LOW in 2020. It's unfortunate in a way because we have seen the local momentum LOW had been gaining in recent years. We hope and anticipate that fervor will be back strong in 2021.

As for us, our wish is for you all to be safe and healthy. Undertaking any endeavor which may necessitate groups gathering doesn't seem prudent yet.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve in Merrillville that we plan to roll out that week, including a special offer from one of our national partners. That's all I'll say on that for now, but we are excited to share it with you and to virtually come together during LOW.

We'll have more as we get closer. For now, be well, be happy, be healthy. And we'll see you soon.

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More online opportunities through your ICD benefit

The question isn’t what ICD can do for you, it’s what you can do with ICD!

There’s no better time than the present to take advantage of online learning oppportunities. ToolingU is one of ICD’s national partners and offers 500-plus online classes that you can do at your own pace and on your own schedule. The only cost is your time.

If you’re interested, contact your ICD coordinator and get started now.


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It's the perfect time for online learning

Now is the time to take advantage of your ICD benefit by accessing one of our numerous online educational partners. Today we will begin a series of highlighting those opprtunities by spotlighting one of our national online partners: Penn Foster.

With the quarantine in place, there is no better time than the present to learn something new or to acquire another skill. Some of the advantages of online learning include a flexible schedule, self-pacing, convenience of learning from home, and career advancement.

Take a look at what Penn Foster has to offer and learn a new skill -- on your own schedule.

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