ICD Conference re-scheduled for November

Due to growing concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, ICD has re-scheduled its 2020 National Conference.

The conference will now be Nov. 18-20 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville. The conference will follow the same pattern as initially laid out for April.

Please be aware that all hotel reservations have been cancelled by the Loews. You will have to re-book when the new reservation link is available and we forward it on to you. As a reminder, you are responsible for changing all airline travel.

We are removing all registration information as well and will be asking you to re-register when the time comes.

Please remain safe and vigilant. We look forward to seeing you in November.

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ICD Conference currently unaffected by recent events

 I imagine there are questions out there about the status of the upcoming ICD National Conference in light of recent events, so here we go ...
As most of you are probably aware, Nashville was hit with a tornado earlier this week that tore through parts of the city and caused devastation and the tragic loss of lives.
The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, site of next month's ICD National Conference, was spared, as most of the storm damage was concentrated on the city's east side and the Loews is on the west side, right near the university. So in terms of any potential disruption to the conference due to the storm, we are in the clear there. 
And then there's the coronavirus -- or Covid-19. Let me take a minute to let you know we are closely monitoring the situation and how it relates to public safety and travel. At this time, the ICD conference remains scheduled as planned. If, due to worsening circumstances, we need to re-visit this position, please have faith that we will. Your health and safety are paramount to us, but we do not feel yet we have arrived at a point where we need to allow fear to take over and to re-schedule.
If things change, we will inform you as soon as possible. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. 
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Rod Building Class is quite a catch

While it may have its shortcomings and pitfalls, Facebook – and social media as a whole – helps our office do its job better because it is one more way for the local programs and our office to stay connected.

Case in point: a recent class that Korey and I attended out in Albany, Oregon. It’s a fishing rod building class sponsored by the joint USW/ATI 6163/7150 Career Development Programs. We first caught wind of the class last fall thanks to a Facebook post.

As we learned more about the class, we knew we had to make a trip to go see it in person, so that’s what we did last weekend.

They will be part of the Site Showcase at the 2020 ICD National Conference in Nashville, so I don’t want to steal their thunder here, but there are a couple things about the class that stood out to Korey and me when we attended the class.

The first is that the participants actually build two custom rods. The instructor determines which of the two was built to a higher standard, and that rod is then donated to a local charity for auction. So far, through one auction cycle, the custom rods have helped the Boys & Girls Club raise hundreds of dollars. Each donated rod is outfitted with a USW button on the butt of the rod and a note that informs the auction winner know where the rod was built and what the Career Development Program is about. 

The plan is to continue to work with the Boys & Girls Club and other local charities and donate more custom rods for charity. 

What stood out the most to me when attending this EIGHT-HOUR class was the dedication, patience and precision of the participants. When I tell you it was an 8-hour class, I mean the participants spent eight hours getting every little detail of the rod to their specific liking. It was quite the endeavor and I am here to tell you I do not have that kind of sticktoitiveness the Steelworkers in attendance did that day.

That class was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was a privilege to be able to attend, and I want to give a shoutout to USW Local 6163 President Steve Eddings, LJC Member Aaron Watts, ICD Coordinator Nick Gaitaud, 6163 NextGen Co-Coordinator Sam Rodgers and District 12 Sub-District 3 Director Ron Rodgers for the generosity of their time while we were out there.


For more on the class, click on the link below to the Photo Gallery.

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Tom Conway to deliver keynote address at ICD Conference

It's hard to believe, but in just three short months the 2020 ICD National Conference will be in our rear-view mirror. How's that for some perspective on how fast time flies?

If you haven't registered for the conference yet, there's no time like the present, and you can do so by . And you can reserve your hotel room . A reminder that you have only until April 7 to reserve your room at the Loews Vanderbilt at the special rate of $199 per night.

We have some impactful sessions and speakers lined up, including the keynote address from International President Tom Conway. Additionally, we've assembled a special panel of program participants past and present who have utilized the program and since gone on to flourish after layoffs and retirements. After all, that is one of the program's missions, and it's important to highlight our successes in that regard, as well as celebrating the individual achievements of these participants.

Along the way, there'll be some fun -- including a welcome reception the evening of April 29 -- some networking, vendor and site exhibits, and a full slate of workshops with something for everyone hopefully. 

So please make your arrangements to join us now. We'd hate for you to miss it. And if you have any questions at all please reach out to your Program Specialist.

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Thank you, Ron

There are many successful Career Development programs in the tire and rubber sector.

I’m not sure I’d be able to say that if it weren’t for Ron Hoover.

Ron, the former chair of R/PIC and ICD Advisory Board member, passed away Tuesday at the age of 78.

Ron was an avid promoter of ICD and worked relentlessly for its inclusion in the contracts at Goodyear, BFGoodrich and Bridgestone.

And he was a catalyst in getting those programs off the ground and running in the early years. Many of the successes those program have today can be traced directly back to Ron Hoover.

He was crusty, cantankerous, and charming all at the same time and never hesitated to share his opinion. We will miss his wit and his counsel.

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