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Let's get ready for LOW

Hey there. It’s been a while …

So much has changed in the world over the past year. Many of us have lost loved ones. The way we live and interact – and even work -- has undoubtedly been changed forever.

As we continue to emerge and hopefully become whole, one thing that has not changed is our commitment to making learning a benefit for life for each and every member who chooses to access the Career Development Program.

As we will detail for you in the coming months, not even the pandemic could keep members from participating in the program. But in just over two weeks, we will be rolling into Learning Opportunities Week. For the most part, COVID wiped out any chance of in-person LOW activities in 2020, so we re-strategized for 2021.

Here is some of what you can expect the week of June 14-18:

·     A daily video series aimed at giving new LJC members a brief intro to ICD and what being a member of the committee is all about

·     Zoom meetings and webinars from our various educational partners highlighting what is new and effective and how they can benefit your program

·     Daily social media posts to share

·     An ICD-hosted zoom meeting at the end of the week meant to answer any and all questions from new committee members (and old ones too, perhaps)

You will be hearing more from us between now and the week of June 14. There will be more details shared and registration opportunities available.

Until then, be well. We can’t wait to re-connect.

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