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News From The Field

Todd Beck turned a hobby into a second career, thanks to taking advantage of his ICD benefit.


Joe Magura was a Steelworker to the core.


Joe Lipscomb said he heard about his Career Development benefit during his orientation at USW Local 1010 and the Joblink Learning Center in East Chicago, Indiana when he started two years ago.


Family is so important to Emily Bombich. It’s like her personal union, so she wasn’t about to let them down.


Maureen Kirkpatrick comes from a Steelworker family. She knows all about hard work.

That’s why she appreciates everything her dad, Jim, has done for her.


Nick Eland calls it the “20-year-some plan”.

But at least he has a plan.

The Local 1299 member and veteran Steelworker says it feels like he’s been working on his bachelor’s degree forever.


Nick Zimmerman migrated from Wisconsin to Northwest Indiana looking to provide for his family.

NIck Zimmerman 2[2759].png

Is ICD part of your benefit? Then the Tino Fulimeni scholarship is, too!


Joel Ingram was seven weeks away from full retirement at Goodyear in Gadsden, Alabama. Close friend and fellow electrician, Brian Smith, had 25 years in at the tire plant when it closed its doors.

Brian Smith Gadsden.jpg

Meet Dennis Chandler, an ICD music instructor, who has a passion for teachin

Chandler 2 Cleveland.png

Rashon Davis knows the day well. November 8, 2019. After 18 years at U.S. Steel-East Chicago Tin he was laid off. The USW Local 5133 member is still waiting for a call back to be transferred to Gary Works or Midwest Steel.

Rashon Davis COVER.jpg

USW Local 979 member Angie Lee talks about her success with ICD. The Cleveland Steelworker has used the ICD benefit to better herself at work and at home. She’s taken advantage of classes to pass the Ramsey test, get into the MTE program, and learn HVAC skills.


Mike McLure thought he knew plenty about installing duct work. Then he took an ICD sheet metal class with Fran Arabia, the USW/ATI Safety, Health & Environmental Coordinator, and really learned something.

Mike McLure photo.jpg

Retired Steelworker William “Chip” Ostenberg was docked on his boat in sunny San Diego, drinking coffee with his wife of 47 years when he saw the “Bill of Rights” schooner at a nearby dock.

Bill of Rights 2.jpg

Wow! 2019 is just flying by. ICD had two Learning Summits this year. One was in Pittsburgh, the other in Des Moines.

Maybe you missed one? No sweat. Just click the link below and check out the highlights.

And always remember ... learning, it's your benefit for life.

Des Moines BLOG 1.jpg

You can call Tom Furey a steelworking artist, or an Artistic Steelworker.

Either way, he’s a Steelworker turned Fine Art Painter these days.

Tom Furey SafetyHuddleSmall.jpg

Tino Fulimeni was an advocate for education.

He would have loved Karlie Hill.

Hill, one of the Institute for Career Development’s eight recipients of the memorial scholarship named in honor of former Steelworker Tino Fulimeni, continues to pursue further education.

Karlie Hill 2.jpg

The Institute for Career Development continues its national video series showcasing the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program in Burns Harbor, Indiana at USW Local 6787.

HVAC -- Cover photo for video.png