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Introducing the 2021 Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Winners

In 2021, ICD awarded six $1,000 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarships.

Tino Fulimeni was a lifelong Steelworker who rose to Special Assistant to former USW President George Becker. Tino was a great supporter of the Career Development Program. He believed very strongly in education for Steelworkers and the value of the learning process. This ICD scholarship is a tribute to Tino and all he stood for and fought for. He would be proud that we are giving money in his name to young deserving children or grandchildren of Steelworkers to support their education.

To date, the Tino Fulmeni Memorial Scholarship has awarded 126 scholarships in the amount of $114,800.

Anastacia Strezo

Anastacia is the daughter of Anthony Strezo, a member of USW Local 6103, at U.S. Steel-Midwest Plant. Anastacia is a freshman studying pharmacy at Purdue University. After her first semester, Anastacia made the Dean’s List and received academic honors. She was the valedictorian at Whiting High School in Northwest Indiana in 2021.

Anastacia said being a Steelworker’s daughter she learned from her father how important work ethic is to get the job done.

Serafino Palumbo

Serafino is the son of John Palumbo, a member of USW Local 979, at Cleveland Cliffs-Cleveland. Serafino attends Kent State and is studying to become a clinical counselor. He hopes to work with survivors of trauma upon graduation.

Serafino said he’s always been proud of his dad and the hard work he does as a Steelworker. “I respect the necessary work my dad and other Steelworkers do. My dad’s work ethic has provided me with the invaluable opportunity of starting my adult life out on the best foot, knowing he always has my back. Thanks to my dad I’m able to attend college without fear of debt and have access to opportunities some only dream of.”

Mariana Maldonado

Mariana is the daughter of Andres Maldonado, a member of USW Local 1010, at Cleveland Cliffs-Indiana Harbor East. She is a senior at Crown Point High School in Northwest Indiana. She participates in numerous extracurricular activities like Best Buddies, C.A.S.S. (Creating a Safe School), the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Club, cross country and was a member of the school’s state championship basketball team in 2021. She plans to study kinesiology and eventually become a physical therapist.

Mariana said, “I’m extremely proud to be the daughter of a Steelworker. My dad has always been a great example of humility, hard work, perseverance, and determination. I know his job is physically and mentally taxing, but my dad always finds time to be there for me.”

Savanna Steele

Savanna is the daughter of Gregorio Ortiz, a member of USW Local 1011, at Cleveland Cliffs-Indiana Harbor West. Savanna is a freshman majoring in communications with a minor in photography at Columbia College in Chicago.

Savanna says, “My father has went all in when it comes to work and taking care of the family. I am so grateful for all the sacrifices he’s had to make sure we always had a roof over us. He’s not only a hard worker, but a great listener. He’s shaped me into the person I am today.”

Mia Rivera

Mia is the daughter of Wilfredo Rivera, a member at USW Local 1010, at Cleveland Cliffs-Indiana Harbor East. Mia is a junior pursuing a degree in sociology with a focus on criminal justice at Purdue University Northwest. She has hopes of attending law school at Notre Dame so she can follow her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Mia says, “Not only has my dad shown me how to be a good person, but also how to be a hard and dedicated worker. I couldn’t ask for a better role model.”

Kylie Parson

Kylie is the daughter of Chris Parson, a member at USW Local 1938, at U.S. Steel-MinnTac. Kylie is currently a junior studying marketing at the University of North Dakota. She is also an active member of Alpha Chi Omega women’s fraternity.

Kylie says, “My dad’s hard work as a Steelworker has taught me to never give up on myself and to give full effort in all of my endeavors.”


The Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Brother Fulimeni. Tino was a fanatic about ICD. His commitment and contribution are evident in the success of the Career Development Program.

The Fund is administered by ICD in Merrillville, IN. The following criteria must be met to be eligible for the scholarship drawing:

* Applicant must be a 2022 high school graduate enrolled in college in the fall semester of 2022 or a college student returning to school in the fall semester of 2022 or spring semester of 2023.

* Applicant must have maintained, in the past, at least a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and can demonstrate this with a transcript if selected.

* Applicant must be the child/grandchild of a United Steelworkers member who is currently eligible to participate in the Career Development Program.

Application Deadline is September 15, 2022

Debbie Bohling (not verified) Thu, 01/20/2022 - 09:04

Congrats to all the winners!

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