One of the goals of the Career Development Program is helping individuals reach their educational goals.  Educational development plans and exceptions to policy are sometimes necessary for that.

Subscription-based Online Learning Providers

The following online educational providers have been approved by ICD for Tuition Assistance funding.

Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

CHEA is a resource on accredited institutions of higher learning.  Any school listed on as accredited is approved as an ICD Tuition Assistance Provider. .

Application for Provider Status

When a provider is not accredited, the provider must use this form to apply for provider status from ICD as an exception to policy.

Issuance 14 Application

Use this application to combine Customized and Tuition Assistance funds for participants requesting more than standard funding limits.  Requirements are that participants have a successful history of participation along this path as well as local and national approval.

Educational Development Plan

This form will help students keep track of the path to long term educational goals.  Required for exceptions to policy.