Lifelong Learning for USW Members

“Experience has shown that worker growth and development are stunted when programs are mandated from above, but flourish in an atmosphere of voluntary participation in self-designed and self-directed training and education.” USW/Company Contract Language

National Scope

Institute for Career Development is a national joint labor-management eduation program of the United Steelworkers and participating companies where USW members work.

Local Focus

Each Career Development program is locally governed by a committee composed of members of the Local Union and representatives of the participating company.

Individualized Learning

Participants design and develop their own training and education plan according to their personal goals, choosing courses and programs to meet their individual learning objectives.

News from the Field

The Thrill at Danville

Kathy Patterson calls herself the poster child for ICD.

“I was on salary at (USW) Goodyear for 11 years in the batch lab and my job got outsourced,” Patterson recalled. “I didn’t finish (college) – I loved my job – but I didn’t have any education to find another position.”

She was fortunate enough to land a position with the USW/Goodyear-Danville Career Development Program and has been preaching its benefits since.

Steelworker ... and college graduate

Kewan McCully can’t help but smile. It’s hard not to these days.

The USW Local 1014 member and furnace assistant in the QBOP has a lot to be happy about: his family, his job, and most recently, his college degree.

“I couldn’t have done it without funds from the ICD program,” McCully said. “The funds allowed me to finish college and earn my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.”

Announcing the 2018 Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Winners

Let's cut to the chase -- or in this case -- the money!

Here are your winners of the 2018 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to them, their families, and the Career Development Programs, local union and Steelworker districts they represent.

Turn of the century: USW/ArcelorMittal-Riverdale celebrates 100 years

On Wednesday, July 25th 2018, the USW/ArcelorMittal-Riverdale plant celebrated quite the milestone – its 100th year anniversary!

At the Local 1010 event, families and friends listened to a presentation on the history of steel and plant operations by plant manager Mark Dutler. Plant tours were also offered. There were activities for the kids as well, including a safety poster creation, making your own personalized hard hat, ring toss, and BOZO circus game.

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