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Getting ICD Into Your Contract

OK. So you've heard all about Career Development.

You've heard from your union brothers and sisters how much USW members enjoy being able to participate in their own self-directed education. You've heard all about how Career Development not only provides USW members with the portable skills needed to be successful in today's ever-changing workplace, but also enhances their personal lives by helping to give them options once they have left the plant.

Now you have just one question:

How do I get Career Development written into our contract?

Well, it's simple.

Start off by contacting the USW Bargaining Committee responsible for negotiating your collective bargaining agreement and let them know you are interested in having ICD written into your next contract.

ICD is funded by a contractually agreed-upon amount (usually $0.15 per hour) that is set aside for each actual hour a USW member works.

We would also welcome any opportunity to make a presentation that would help you become more acquainted with Career Development. Local union officers interested in ICD are also always welcome to visit ICD's headquarters in Merrillville, IN, and tour some of the learning centers in Northwest Indiana to see how local programs can make a difference in Steelworkers' professional and personal lives.

ICD has a wide variety of resources available to help spread the word about Career Development at your local level.

For additional information or to schedule a visit, contact ICD directly at 219-738-9029 or email us at