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Announcing the 2023 Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Winners

Noah Bazil is a chip off the old block.

The Chesterton (Ind.) High School senior patterns himself off his Steelworker dad, Joe Bazil, who has been at USW Local 1014 for 28 years. Joe has used the ICD benefit to earn both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Purdue, while still holding down his full-time job at US Steel-Gary Works.

Noah, one of the six winners of the Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship through ICD, plans to double major in general engineering and environmental/civil engineer at Siena Heights University in Michigan.

Noah is an avid golfer and will continue his career in college. He helped his high school team to the state finals in 2023 and hopes to do it again this spring – topping the team’s 15th-place finish at state.

“My dad has shown me the value of setting goals and the hard work it takes to get there,” Noah said. “He has motivated me and pushed me to dream big that anything is achievable if you put the work in.

“He has taught me to be my best even on the hardest days.”

Noah, who has been playing golf since he was 7, is currently interning at DLZ Engineering through his high school. He said with this experience it’s been crucial in him finding out exactly what he wants to do. He credits his father's influence for leading the way.

“It takes a very special person to work in that environment and my dad is one of them,” Noah said. “He’s worked long hours and missed plenty of holidays with family – there’s a lot of sacrifices being a Steelworker.

“When you look at my dad you see a man that is very hard-working and dedicated to his work and his family. He takes pride in what he does.”

Emma White, stepdaughter of Matt Porrello, USW Local 979, Cleveland Cliffs, Cleveland

Emma attends Kent State University and is studying nursing. Her goal is to become a pediatric nurse or labor and delivery nurse. She says she’s always been passionate about nursing and loves working with babies and children. Emma’s interests include working out, spending time with friends and family, and watching or playing volleyball. She also enjoys listening to podcasts on true crime or nursing.

Why Emma is proud to be the stepdaughter of a Steelworker: “He has been there through thick and thin for me and really stepped up to the plate when I was three. He’s been the best dad ever since. He has set a great example of what someone looks like with a big and generous heart. I hope someday I can make an impact on someone’s life like he has for mine.”

Bonnie Little, daughter of Arthur Little, USW Local 1557, US Steel-Mon Valley (Clairton)

Bonnie’s dream is to become an elementary school teacher and plans to attend the Community College of Allegheny County. She enjoys art, reading books, making jewelry, writing, and listening to music. Bonnie’s love for teaching first started with helping out and sometimes leading with kids at Sunday school at her church. Her career path was solidified when she job shadowed at an elementary school as part of a class project. The experience allowed her see a classroom setting, what a typical teacher’s day looked like, and how to really connect and interact with the students.

Why Bonnie is proud to be the daughter of a Steelworker: “Growing up I was taught by my dad the value of hard work and how it pays off. I know hard work will pay off in the end.”

Matt Stanonis, son of Andrew Stanonis, USW Local 1196, ATI-Brackenridge

Matt is a freshman at Slippery Rock University and majoring in computer science. He hopes his interest and knowledge in computers and technology will lead him to a career as a software developer. Matt also works a part-time job and when he isn’t studying or working, he’s playing tennis, video games, or being a part of a gaming club at Slippery Rock.

Why Matt is proud to be the son of a Steelworker: “My dad has shown me what it means to be a hard worker. I’ve seen the long days he puts in and his work ethic inspires me to follow in his example in my career. He doesn’t work a regular 9-5 job or in an office, so that's why he’s the hardest worker I know.”

Eliana Ortega, daughter of Martha Ortega, USW Local 1011, Cleveland Cliffs, Indiana Harbor West

Eliana is a first-year student at Loyola University in Chicago. She’s a Criminal Justice major with a minor in psychology, also going into pre-law. She intends to become an attorney, specifically working with family law. Eliana has worked her way towards that goal with countless internships, including the Hammond Lake Superior Court, Lake County Jail, Lake County 911 Dispatch Center, Lake County Special Victims Unit, and currently she’s working at the Greater Chicago Legal Clinic as an intake specialist. Besides her interest in law, she enjoys spending her time drawing and playing video games.

Why Eliana is proud to be the daughter of a Steelworker: “I can definitely say that I take after my mom with her best attributes in the workplace – as a motivated, hard-working, and determined woman!”

Landon Post, stepson of Ben Sheetz, USW Local 715, BF-Goodrich, Fort Wayne

Landon is enrolled in journeyman’s courses at Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio Valley. Landon became interested in becoming an electrician during his summers in high school when he was working construction. He said he watched electricians come and go working on houses and it really caught his eye to what they were doing. He’s currently employed at Mercer County Electric, Inc. Landon said his parents and stepfather guided him at a young age to work hard and never give up on any problems thrown his way. Landon claims being taught those things at young age has helped build the man he is becoming.

Why Landon is proud to be the stepson of a Steelworker: “He guides me and leads me towards the correct direction in my trade. I was taught to work hard because I was once told, ‘there is someone that wants it more than you.’ That motivated me to work the hardest I can and to be determined to give my all in everything I do.”


About the Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship

Tino Fulimeni was a lifelong Steelworker who rose to Special Assistant to former USW President George Becker. Tino was a great supporter of the Career Development Program. He believed very strongly in education for Steelworkers and the value of the learning process. This ICD scholarship is a tribute to Tino and all he stood for and fought for. He would be proud that we are giving money in his name to young deserving children or grandchildren of Steelworkers to support their education.

To date, the Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded 151 scholarships in the amount of $139,800.

Click here to apply for the 2024 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship

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