Greetings from Quarantine Nation

Let’s face it. In ways both big and small, life as we know it will never be the same as it was just a few, short, simple months ago.

But here’s the reality: That doesn’t mean things will necessarily be worse, or better. Just different.

I’m inspired by the thought that we get to choose how we emerge once the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us – and it eventually will be behind us.

Oh, I’m sure there will be times we are tested – how hard will I cringe when someone sneezes sitting a table over from me at a restaurant, or when someone coughs near me as I am boarding a plane. I don’t know those answers for sure, but the better part of me hopes I emerge a more empathetic, understanding person.

It's impossible to not be inspired by the presence of true heroism and bravery as we witness it every day in each of our communities. The frontline healthcare workers, the store shelf stockers, the police patrolling our communities. Let's remember truly who our essential workers are when this is over.

Switching gears ...

The Governor of Indiana closed down all non-essential offices throughout the state back in mid-March. Other than the weekly Zoom meeting, it has been a month since our staff has been assembled together. Presently, the stay-at-home order is extended only until April 21. We will see in the next few days if there is a coming announcement about another extension, or whether we will ease back into what we once knew as normalcy. We will keep you posted for sure. I know I speak for everyone in our office when I say we can't wait for the days when the phones are ringing and the emails are flowing in, as I'm sure you all are.

Our thoughts have been with the many USW members throughout the United States who have continued to remain on the job, often at great personal risk. We can't wait to get back to serve you.

Be well everyone, and we'll talk soon.

Posted by shayden / Posted on 13 Apr


Thanks for the update, wise "empathetic" words, and encouragement. Hope all of you are doing well!

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