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An action-packed week!


Welcome to Learning Opportunities Week, Social Distancing Edition.

Trying times indeed, but the show will go on. We've got a lot of great content planned for you this week, including:

  • A big giveaway to start the week
  • a Tooling U webinar (click the link for more information)
  • free video courses from ICD instructors across the country to share with your members will be released throughout the week on our social media platforms.

Rosetta Stone is offering all participants a FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL OF ITS LANGUAGE LEARNING PROGRAM. That's right, a free three-month trial. No credit card, no cancellation reminder, no sales pitches; just three free months. So if you have any members who have been on the fence about using their ICD benefit for Rosetta Stone in order to parlez-vous français, here's a chance for them -- and you -- to try it without using any of their funds. Participants can use the link to sign up; they do not need to go through their ICD Coordinator. This is not the upgraded Catalyst program that the program pays for. Coordinators, this offer applies to you as well!

Click the link for more information. Users have to activate the offer by June 29.

And to learn more about the upgraded Catalyst Program, click here for a special video interview with Rosetta Stone representative Martha Teu.

We will be especially active on social media this week so please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the LOW updates.

Stay safe and have a great week!

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