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LOW, But a Little Different

For those who are still able to keep track of what day it is (raise your hand if you knew this was Memorial Day weekend?), you might know that one of ICD's biggest weeks of the year is quickly approaching.

Learning Opportunities Week is scheduled for June 8-12. As a staff, we discussed possibly postponing, but concluded that with so much uncertainty there was no good time to which to relocate it. So we are keeping it right where it is.

That said, we expect a scaled-down version of LOW in 2020. It's unfortunate in a way because we have seen the local momentum LOW had been gaining in recent years. We hope and anticipate that fervor will be back strong in 2021.

As for us, our wish is for you all to be safe and healthy. Undertaking any endeavor which may necessitate groups gathering doesn't seem prudent yet.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve in Merrillville that we plan to roll out that week, including a special offer from one of our national partners. That's all I'll say on that for now, but we are excited to share it with you and to virtually come together during LOW.

We'll have more as we get closer. For now, be well, be happy, be healthy. And we'll see you soon.

Posted by shayden / Posted on 21 May

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