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We've got a big week ahead

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Welcome to Learning Opportunities Week!

It’s one of our biggest weeks of the year – if not the biggest – in terms of sharing with everyone all of the great things the Career Development benefit can offer.

I’d like to take just a few moments to let you know what we have in store.

We kicked off LOW a little early last week with our newest video about USW Local 6115 member Emily Bombich and how the Tuition Assistance benefit helped her in her quest to earn both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. You can find that video here and I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Our schedule of educational provider webinars and Zooms can be found on this page. There are links available as well for you to register if you think you might want to attend one of them.

One new addition to LOW is a series of brief daily videos, made by our staff, to help new LJC members learn more about the program and their vital role in helping to deliver the Career Development benefit to their local members. The first video is simply titled “What is ICD?”

Each day we will be releasing a new video, covering topics such as the role of the LJC, program funding, and Customized Classes and Tuition Assistance. We hope you will check them out and learn something new!

We will wrap up the week on Friday with an ICD-wide Zoom meeting. The meeting is specifically designed to answer any lingering questions from new LJC members, but all are invited and encouraged to attend. The link for this meeting can be found here.

Well, I think that about covers it – for now.

But make sure you check your email and our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily for even more content.

OK … let’s get it started! Check out the video for “What is ICD?” and we will be talking with you all soon.

Brian Waddle (not verified) Mon, 06/14/2021 - 09:31

Nice job!

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