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Cecelia, you're breaking our heart

That Paul Simon sure is a prescient fellow.

After more than 15 years at ICD, covering two separate stints, we have to bid the fondest of farewells to Cecelia Wagner.

Cecelia is leaving ICD for family reasons. She’s packing up and moving down to Louisiana. Her last day is Friday, April 5.

Our office will not be the same without her. I’m sure those of you who have gotten to know her closely over her career at ICD can attest to that.

In Cecelia’s departure, we have hired a new Program Specialist. Her name is Jennifer Stob. We are extremely excited to welcome her onboard, and you will be hearing more about her soon.

Please join me, and all of us from the Merrillville office, in sending out Cecelia with nothing but the warmest wishes.

Posted by shayden / Posted on 25 Mar


We'll miss you here, Cecelia! And we send our best wishes to you for a great new beginning.
Cecelia, It's been so nice working with you over the last few years. I'm sorry to see you go, but I know wherever you go you will be a great success. Melissa Rogers DeVry University
Cecelia, you will be missed. Thank you so much for all you've done to help us here at Great Lakes Works. We all wish you much happiness and success as you begin your new chapter in life.
Cecelia, thanks again for all of your help, advice, assistance, and patience over the years as my program specialist. I also send out 'the warmest wishes' as you head to a warmer climate! No more winter bomb cyclones in your future.
Good Luck in whatever you do. Where ever you go they will be happy to have you. I always enjoyed my time with you although it’s been many years since we parted. Enjoy your new adventure.
Cecelia, your enthusiasm, wit, and smile, among many other attributes, will be greatly missed! Thank you for holding my hand for many years. Hope to see you in the future, and best of luck in LA! Georgia
Farewell Cecelia, I'm sorry to see you leave but good luck in Louisiana and with your next endeavor.
Cecelia, you will certainly be missed by all. Thanks for all your assistance during my tenure on the LJC. Best wishes on your new journey.
I am taken by complete surprise and also sadden but I am glad to of known you and thank you for your service to my Steelworker family. We will surely miss your energy, compassion & dedication that you have shown us throughout the years. God bless you in all your endeavors , take care. Sincerely, Steven Norfleet
Cecilia - I wish you the best. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for sharing your ICD expertise. Barb
Cecelia it`s been great working with you during the years that I`ve been involved with ICD, you will be greatly missed by the whole ICD family!
Cecelia, it was such a pleasure to work with you! Your kindness and patience meant so much when I was new to the job. Best of luck! You will be missed.
Cecelia, It was a pleasure to have known you and work with you, I wish you the best

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