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Rest in Peace, Trooper

He would use terms like "Trooper" or "Jubilation" when addressing you, in both a playful and affectionate manner.

He would laugh so hard he would bring himself and you, to tears. He LOVED telling a good story. "Can you believe that?" he'd say.

He loved the theater, a fine meal, and a good bottle of scotch.

He adored his family and showed off any new photos of his grandchildren at every opportunity. And when the phone rang in the office every day at 3:45, over the years you came to know exactly who was on the other end.

"That's my bride," he'd say, in loving terms of his wife Mattie, before he'd pick up so they could discuss dinner plans.

He was a friend and mentor to many, always with a gentle touch.

Former ICD Executive Director Jerry Evans passed away last week at the age of 78.

This one really hurts. There's not much more I could say because I fear if I started, we'd be here all day.

So please indulge us. If you have a story about Jerry you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments below.

We will miss you greatly Jubilation.

Posted by bwaddle / Posted on 10 May


Such a wonderful man. Rest in peace, sweet Jerry.
So deeply sadden to read about Jerry’s passing. He was always a dear friend and mentor to me during my years with ICD.
Was a great leader for ICD. Such a gentleman and just all around nice person. Jerry, you will be missed.
Your words do paint a familiar portrait of Jerry. I always wanted to be around Jerry because you knew he'd have a great story or joke to share. You could just see that playfulness in his eyes. He was sweet and funny but also thoughtful and kind. He will be missed!
Very saddened to hear. Jerry inspired And motivated all of us that worked with him. His leadership has helped make ICD what it is today.
What can I say but, "I'm just so shocked and saddened by that announcement." When we first started out as newbies in the ICD world it was Korey and Jerry. When we hadn't a clue they were always there reaching out answering questions and reassuring. It feels like just yesterday. It feels just horrible. What a loss of a wonderful, gentle, caring and accomplished man. RIP Jerry. My most sincere condolences to your family. May your memories lift you up during these difficult days, Laurie Chapman USW Local 310L Des Moines, Iowa
Jerry always bought union products -- like his Saturn vehicles. He believed in the USW and was strong in uncommon ways. He taught me quite a lot. I regret the sad news.
Jerry always bought union products -- like his Saturn vehicles. He believed in the USW and was strong in uncommon ways. He taught me quite a lot. I regret the sad news.
So sorry for your loss . I really enjoyed knowing and working with him through my years with ICD . RIP
I was very fond memories of Jerry, particularly when he came to visit my Career Development Site in LaVergne, TN years ago. Another one of my most memorable moments was at the ICD National Conferences in Houston, TX, Jerry's Hometown. He really rolled out the Red Carpet for everyone attending the Conference. RIP Jerry. Job well done.
Wow! I am so sorry to hear about Jerry's passing! What a great person! My deepest sympathy to his family and the ICD family.

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