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Thank you, Ron

There are many successful Career Development programs in the tire and rubber sector.

I’m not sure I’d be able to say that if it weren’t for Ron Hoover.

Ron, the former chair of R/PIC and ICD Advisory Board member, passed away Tuesday at the age of 78.

Ron was an avid promoter of ICD and worked relentlessly for its inclusion in the contracts at Goodyear, BFGoodrich and Bridgestone.

And he was a catalyst in getting those programs off the ground and running in the early years. Many of the successes those program have today can be traced directly back to Ron Hoover.

He was crusty, cantankerous, and charming all at the same time and never hesitated to share his opinion. We will miss his wit and his counsel.

Posted by shayden / Posted on 30 Oct


Crusty, cantankerous and charming is a perfect description of Ron, which was clear from the first moment that I met him. With every future discussion I shared with him through the years I discovered how much he cared, how well he listened (a difficult trait to obtain) and his willingness to share his experience and knowledge. These attributes not only made him perfect for ICD and unionism, but most importantly a valued friend. I will miss him.

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