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Online learning opportunities abound at ICD

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Last week, in conjunction with our national partner Penn Foster, ICD hosted a webinar touting the benefits and advantages that Penn Foster can offer to participants through their online learning opportunities.

Similarly, we hosted a webinar with ToolingU last year discussing many of these same opportunities.

And if you remember, we had both new partners present on a panel with us at last year’s national conference in Philadelphia.

It’s not by accident. Both of these providers were brought to our attention by local programs who already enjoyed a relationship with them.

While I am a strong proponent of hands-on, in-person, butt-in-seat learning, we realize that that is not always an option for everyone. And nor is it necessarily everyone’s preference.

As part of our caretakers of this program it is our obligation to make learning as accessible, convenient and effective as we possibly can for the participants.

In ToolingU and Penn Foster, we believe we have found two partners who share our vision for what effective, productive online learning should be.

Both partners are participant-focused and offer substantial resources for self-paced learners while also offering a hearty catalog of technical-based curriculum.

I feel strongly that both ToolingU and Penn Foster have something different and beneficial to offer and I recommend trying them out.

This link will send to you the slides from last week’s webinar: Penn Foster presentation.

We’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

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