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ICD Conference currently unaffected by recent events

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 I imagine there are questions out there about the status of the upcoming ICD National Conference in light of recent events, so here we go ...
As most of you are probably aware, Nashville was hit with a tornado earlier this week that tore through parts of the city and caused devastation and the tragic loss of lives.
The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, site of next month's ICD National Conference, was spared, as most of the storm damage was concentrated on the city's east side and the Loews is on the west side, right near the university. So in terms of any potential disruption to the conference due to the storm, we are in the clear there. 
And then there's the coronavirus -- or Covid-19. Let me take a minute to let you know we are closely monitoring the situation and how it relates to public safety and travel. At this time, the ICD conference remains scheduled as planned. If, due to worsening circumstances, we need to re-visit this position, please have faith that we will. Your health and safety are paramount to us, but we do not feel yet we have arrived at a point where we need to allow fear to take over and to re-schedule.
If things change, we will inform you as soon as possible. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. 

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