Tino Scholarship extended

Is ICD part of your benefit? Then the Tino Fulimeni scholarship is, too!

In 2019, the Institute for Career Development awarded eight scholarships for $1,000 each to the children or grandchildren of Steelworkers.

Tino Fulimeni was a lifelong Steelworker who rose to Special Assistant to former USW President George Becker. Tino was a huge advocate of the Career Development Program. He strongly believed in the education of Steelworkers. The Institute for Career Development scholarship is a tribute to Tino and all he stood and fought for.

To date, the Tino Fulmeni Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded 120 scholarships in the amount of $108,800.

All you have to do is apply at . The deadline has been extended to October 31, 2020.

Remember, learning is your – and your children or grandchildren’s – benefit for life!

Posted by bwaddle / Posted on 2 Jul

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