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Cleveland Rocks -- with ICD

Cleveland Main Group Photo.jpg

Cleveland Rocks.

Especially when the Institute for Career Development is in town.

Twelve Local Career Development Programs recently attended a New Member Training held October 23-24 at USW Local 979 Dave McCall Hall in Cleveland.

“There was so much to absorb in just a couple of days, but I feel so much better about being able to fulfill my role here,” USW/ArcelorMittal Warren Coke ICD coordinator Jason Prater said.

“There was certainly a friendly and open atmosphere that made it an awesome event.”

In all, ICD had Local Joint Committee members or coordinators from USW/BF Goodrich, USW/U.S. Steel, USW/ATI Metals, USW/Goodyear, USW/Liberty Steel and USW/ArcelorMittal at the event.

ICD couldn’t have done it without the hospitality and generosity of the fine folks at the ArcelorMittal Cleveland Plant, especially ICD coordinator Shirley Pasholk and USW Local 979 Vice President Sam Moyer.

The event gave members a chance to network, learn, and trade ideas with fellow ICD leaders.

Donna Permigiani, the new ICD coordinator at USW/U.S. Steel — Mon Valley, just started her new job on October 1 and felt relieved after being a part of the training.

“The ICD team is incredibly knowledgeable and a great resource,” Permigiani said. “I learned so much and it got my mind racing with some ideas for our spring courses.

“It was great to meet some other members and coordinators from other sites and to have those resources.”


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