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Announcing the 2018 Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Winners


Let's cut to the chase -- or in this case -- the money!

One of the many highlights of the 2018 ICD National Conference -- and always one of the highlights of our year -- was the drawing at random of the 7 winners of the Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship.

Once we returned from Philadelphia, we began the process of contacting the winners and verifying that they met all the qualifying standards.

Here are your winners of the 2018 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to them, their families, and the Career Development Programs, local union and Steelworker districts they represent.

In 2018, ICD is pleased to announce the seven $1,000 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarships to the following individuals:

2018 Winners


District 7

  • Elijah C. Mixis of Valparaiso, IN. Elijah is the son of USW Local 2695 member, Chris Mixis, USW/U.S. Steel-Gary Works.
  • Nancy A. Michko of Portage, IN. Nancy is the daughter of USW Local 5133 member, Gregory Michko, USW/U.S. Steel-Gary/East Chicago Tin.
  • Leah M. Rodriguez of Griffith, IN. Leah is the daughter of USW Local 5133 member, Carlo Rodriguez, USW/U.S. Steel-Gary/East Chicago Tin.


District 10

  • LaNaya Garrett of Bear, DE. LaNaya is the daughter of USW Local 1165 member, Tyrone Garrett, USW/ArcelorMittal-Coatesville.
  • Danielle Kusnierczyk of Honey Brook, PA. Danielle is the daughter of USW Local 1165 member, Stanley P. Kusnierczyk, USW/ArcelorMittal-Coatesville.
  • Kasey Wolford of Lower Burrell, PA. Kasey is the daughter of USW Local 1196 member, Jack Wolford, USW/ATI-Brackenridge.


District 11

  • Angelique Kyles of Topeka, KS. Angelique is the daughter of USW Local 307 member Michael Kyles, USW/Goodyear-Topeka.


We look forward to the next batch of applicants for 2019. It's pretty easy -- and who doesn't like FREE money!

Applications can be submitted directly to our website, or you can download the application and submit via fax.

Click here for more information

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