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Database Tips

When logging into the database, be sure to use the correct log-in ID and password assigned by ICD. If you need assistance, please call ICD (219) 738-9029.

When a customized class ends, don’t forget to go back in the database to the class roster and check “Completed” for those participants that completed the class.  This step is important in order to have accurate reporting records.

Each customized course needs to have the cost entered in the Course Section Detail and within the Expenditures tab.

If an active worker has their status box checked “Other” or “Retired” within the tab Participants -  ICD Data they will not be counted as part of participation.  Be sure that active workers have their status checked as “Active”.   If not checked active, you may receive a warning that they are not eligible for a class.

To enlarge the view of the database on your computer, simply hold down the Ctrl key and press the + key.  To make the screen smaller, hold down the Ctrl key and press the – key.  On a Mac, hold down the Command key and press the + key.  Once again, to make the screen smaller hold down the Command key and press the – key.

Tuition assistance expenses are created through the voucher.  By creating a voucher with an issue date & dollar amount and a paid date & dollar amount, the expenditure will be automatically included as an expenditure.  To view total tuition assistance expenditures, go to Account--Program Analysis --Funding Summary.

If a participant is approved for Issuance #14, go to the participant’s profile, select the ICD Data tab, click “Yes” Issuance #14 and enter the date range.  After doing that, if the amount of funds available for the participant isn’t correct, please contact ICD.

In order to delete a course section, you'll first need to remove all the participants from the class section.  Then you will be able to delete the class section.

In order to delete or edit the details of a tuition assistance voucher, click on the Edit button on the screen of the voucher.  Replace the paid amount with zero and click save.  Now you'll have the option of deleting the voucher or editing the detail or deleting the entire voucher.  If you are not deleting the entire voucher, it’s important that you go back and enter the correct paid amount after editing any parts of the voucher.

Whenever using the search feature, you can expand your search by using a wildcard by typing % before your requested search.  By typing %, your search will find what is typed after the % within the parameter being searched.  For example, searching %HVAC would not only give results that start with HVAC, but i.e. also, Into to HVAC, Basic HVAC, Advanced HVAC Industrial to name a few.

At any time, you have questions or need assistance with the database, contact your Program Specialist at ICD, (219) 738-9029.  ICD can also provide you with any training needs.