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A time to look back AND ahead


For me, this time of year is usually about both reflection AND looking ahead. Is that the way it is for you, too?

When I reflect back on this year, the obvious first thing I think about is getting the word from Al about his plan to retire and then getting the word from the Governing Board that they were naming me the new Executive Director. It was all a huge whirlwind at the time for all of us – especially with the Philadelphia conference bearing down on us at the time.

I think we did a lot of good things in 2018. First and foremost was the conference, but beyond that we conducted training for new LJC members that really lays the groundwork for their future serving on their local committees.

We’re moving forward with getting the Lincoln program off the ground, and we cemented national partnerships with two providers who I believe are going to play a crucial role in our success moving forward – ToolingU and Penn Foster.

We made an upgrade to the database whereby now individuals can log in and check their status and review their course history as well.

No year comes without its challenges, and this year was certainly no different. But we do our best to work through them and learn from them. Hopefully we can take those lessons and turn them into future success.

So what’s on the horizon for next year?

Well for starters, we will conduct two Learning Summits in 2019, one in June and one in the fall. We should have word to you by the end of next month or early February at the latest regarding dates and locations. And those lessons we learned in 2018? You can bet some of them will be incorporated into the Summits.

Tuition Assistance limits have been raised to $2,500 annually and the two-course limit on restricted personal development classes has been removed.

We will continue to assist local programs to fulfill their goals and see what other opportunities come our way. Never shut yourself off to whatever possibilities are out there.

On that note, I’d like to thank you all for everything you’ve done in 2018 on behalf of ICD and the Steelworkers.

Have a great holiday season with you and yours and we’ll see you on the other side in 2019, raring to go. 


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