Marketing 101

This presentation delivered by Coordinator Rick Wills at the 2013 ICD Learning Summits is designed to provide a basic understanding of the principals of marketing.

Marketing Strategies Using Social Media

This presentation was delivered at the ICD Learning Summits in 2013 by Amy Phares of Simply Social.  It looks at different ways to use a variety of social media to promote your Career Development Program.

ICD Policy Manual

This collection of Governing Board policies and issuances governs the Career Development Program nation-wide.  

Annual Plan Template

Vision of Assessment

Beliefs about Basic Skills

Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

CHEA is a resource on accredited institutions of higher learning.  Any school listed on as accredited is approved as an ICD Tuition Assistance Provider. .

Application for Provider Status

When a provider is not accredited, the provider must use this form to apply for provider status from ICD as an exception to policy.

Issuance 14 Application

Use this application to combine Customized and Tuition Assistance funds for participants requesting more than standard funding limits.  Requirements are that participants have a successful history of participation along this path as well as local and national approval.

Educational Development Plan

This form will help students keep track of the path to long term educational goals.  Required for exceptions to policy.

The Ideal Learning Center

There are many considerations and factors that come into play when a Local Joint Committee tries to decide on the location and facilities included in the learning center.

Promotional Poster

Database Training Guide

A tab - by - tab explanation of selected features and fields

Guidelines for Customized Course Categories

Use this guide to help select course categories and sub-categories when entering courses into the database or annual plan.

Program Standards

The ten standards under which our programs run optimally.