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Des Moines was Da Best

A few weeks back, we held our second and final Learning Summit of the year in Des Moines. Each time we host a Learning Summit, we try to give you a unique experience as part of the programming on the afternoon of the second day.

As part of recent Summits, we have toured a Harley-Davidson facility in Wisconsin and USW Headquarters in Pittsburgh.

I believe, though, the Des Moines experience was one of the most memorable as we got the chance to check out the USW/Bridgestone Americas-Des Moines Learning Center.

We drove across town and were hosted by USW Local 310 and local union president Steve Vonk. I can't think of another president who takes more pride in the Career Development Program than Steve. He is an enthusiastic and tireless champion for us. We can't thank him, his local and ICD Coordinator Stacey Glenn Bradley enough for their hospitality throughout our stay in Iowa's capital.

It just so happened that we had a videographer with us on the trip. We hope you enjoy this video ridealong of our visit to the Des Moines Learning Center.

Des Moines Local 310L National Video

Posted by shayden / Posted on 9 Oct


Great video, Brian! Des Moines was a remarkable experience! The Learning Summit was wonderful as usual and the Learning Center tour was fantastic! Stacey and Steve have done an excellent job with their program and facility, and their hospitality was first class and genuine!! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them. They are both such genuine people.

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